SPB Sections

SPB Sections
February 23, 2016 Swift Ideas

SPB Sections are a great way of creating re-usable sections of elements which are shared on many pages, but are able to all be updated at once from a single location.

To create an SPB Section, simply go to SPB Sections Add New, from the menu item in the WordPress Admin menu on the left.

This will then open up a normal WordPress page editor, and here is where you create your SPB Section.

Using an SPB Section


SPB Sections are used just like any other element in the Page Builder. All you need to do is follow the following steps:

  1. Click the Add Element button in the Swift Page Builder header.
  2. Select the SPB Section element.
  3. Edit this element, and then select the section that you wish to display in the edit modal that appears.

You are then free to use this SPB Section on as many pages as you like, and you only need to update it from a single location, within the SPB Sections admin.

SPB Section Element


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