Shortcode Mapper

Shortcode Mapper
February 22, 2016 Swift Ideas

We have created a Shortcode Mapper so that you can use 3rd party shortcodes within the builder. To setup the mapped shortcodes, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Swift Framework > Options from the WordPress Admin Menu on the left.
  2. Within the Page Builder panel, you will find the Shortcode Mapper tool (see right).

As you can see in the image on the right, we have filled out an example shortcode map, with a single parameter. Once we have added this map, you’ll want to press Save, and then return to your page to add the element.

Example shortcode mapping

Once we have mapped our shortcode in the Swift Framework Options, we can then return to the Swift Page Builder to add the element into our page.

Once you are editing your desired page, simply press the Add Element button in the Swift Page Builder header, and there you will find the element you have mapped, see right:

Our mapped shortcode as an element

Editing your mapped shortcode is the same as editing any other element in the page builder. Simply hover over the element, press the Edit icon, and the mapped parameters will be there for you to edit. See right.

Editing the mapped shortcode


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