Element Controls

Element Controls
February 22, 2016 Swift Ideas


The element controls are hidden until the element is hovered, to preserve the clean design of the elements and the builder in general.

Upon hovering over the element, the controls specific to that element will appear to the right. See right:

The controls in order from left to right are; DeleteSaveDuplicate, and Edit.

Delete – will remove the element from the builder completely.

Save – will save the element in it’s current configured state to the “Saved Items” panel.

Duplicate – will duplicate the element in it’s current configured state.

Edit – will load the edit modal for that element, and allow you to configure it. We cover this in more detail in the Editing Elements article.

Element Controls

Resizing Elements

To resize an element is incredibly simple. All you need to do is hover over the right edge of the element, click and then drag to resize. You will see an overlay indicator for the width that the element will resize to, as shown on the right.

Simply let go when the element indicator shows the desired size and the element will fit to that size.

Moving Elements

To move an element, simply hover over it, click and hold your mouse and then drag it to the place you’d like it to be. An example of this is shown on the right.


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