Editing Elements

Editing Elements
February 22, 2016 Swift Ideas

To edit an element, simply hover over the element and click on the Edit icon within the hover controls. This will load the Edit Element Modal, and here you will be able to adjust the various options for that specific element. You can see an example of the modal on the right.

Adjusting the Element Edit Modal

The Element Edit Modal can be adjusted to suit your needs, you can move it around the screen, and also resize the width from the right hand corner of the modal, just check for the resize cursor, and then increase/decrease the modal size to your liking.

Renaming Elements

You can rename elements by either editing the top field of the element in the Edit Modal, titled “Element Name“.

Alternatively, you can quickly edit the element name by clicking it in the main page builder area, see right for a demo:

Editing element name


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