Basic Structure Concept

Basic Structure Concept
February 22, 2016 Swift Ideas

The Swift Page Builder can be used in various different styles, depending on the complexity of your page. We’ll detail a few basic structures below, but ultimately the structure of your page is completely up to you, and will be determined on the design you are trying to achieve.

Basic (Elements Only)

The basic structure would mean solely using elements, in various widths if required, on your page. An example of this can be seen on the right.

Basic Structure

Rows and Elements

A slightly more complex structure would be to use Rows within your page, to group elements, add background colours etc.

Rows are designed to contain the elements within. You can add a background image/video/colour to the row to give your page a more creative direction, and this can be used to backdrop the elements within, or rows can infact be used on their own as a full width image or video section.

An example layout using Rows + Elements can be seen on the right.

Rows and Elements

Rows, Columns, and Elements

If you desire the maximum flexibility and control of your page, then you can introduce columns to the structure, to further the grouping of certain elements.

Columns ensure that elements will always appear in line with other elements, and allows you to align multiple elements vertically in a row with other single or multiple elements.

An example layout using Rows, Columns, and Elements can be seen on the right.

Rows, columns and elements


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